Youtube Monetization and partnership

YouTube being the rock star of social media that it is today rakes in a huge chunk of Internet Advertising revenue. Since a video is a lot more effective at gaining attention than still images and text in terms of advertising, and plus YouTube being the IT place for videos on the web, there is no other place which will give your content more exposure than YouTube!
This is a guide to YouTube Monetization and Partnership that you guys can use as a springboard for your online marketing and sales campaign which in turn will bring in amazing revenue from your product or service:

1. Monetize Your YouTube channel

Yes, it sounds obvious as possible, but you will need to register your YouTube Channel for Monetization by following a few simple steps. You can follow this link for detailed instructions on how to register for monetization:
This link basically details steps such as enabling your YouTube channel for monetization and connecting it to a Google Adsense account. Then it goes on to talking about reviewing video criteria and ad formats. It then specifies how to monetize your video with ads.

2. Free Banner Ads

If you pay $1 to YouTube it will let you put banner ads which can be used as a call to action medium. Meaning the ads will contain active links on which the user can click taking them to your product sale site online or even to your website. I know I said Free Banner Ads, but I called it free considering the Return on Investment which is huge!

3. Placing your video on VEVO

If yours is a music video and is of high quality you can place it on VEVO in the same way as YouTube and crosslink to your YouTube videos for maximum exposure. At the least you will double your video fan base and at the best you will gain surplus revenue from VEVO in much the same way you get paid at YouTube.

4. YouTube Content ID Fingerprinting

If you ensure your music is put into a database that allows YouTube to match every time your song is used. Meaning every time your music is added to snowboarding, surfing or fashion video, you’ll get a sliver of the video ad revenue. You can use services like Audiam or INDmusic.

These are some of the best ways to add a nitro boost to your YouTube revenue and take advantage of partnership from third party services in conjunction with YouTube to make considerable add revenue and cross reference your existing content to gain more exposure online. So go ahead and mix and match these strategies to get the best results and make tons of money!

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