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Please, read carefully the following rules. Not following the same could lead to permament closure of user account.

1. You are not allowed to engage in threatening behavior toward other members in any kind, including flaming, threats, mocking and trolling.
This applies to all on-site material such as posts, PMs or profiles.

2. No adult content. This includes adult images, videos and/or adult link sharing.

3. No political, national, racial or religious expressions in your profile. This includes signatures and avatars.

4. Advertising other sites or products without permission is not allowed.
This applies to all on-site material such as posts, PMs or profiles.

5. Forum language is English. As this is international forum, languages other than English are not allowed.

6. Multiple accounts are not allowed unless you report your original account as "lost". In that case you will be asked for proof of ownership, which could lead us to reopen "lost" account.

7. Pay attention to:
- Post in the right category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.
- Don't double post. If you are not sure that same post already exists, use search.
- Don't spam. Post only when its necessary.
- Avoid using giant signatures. Otherwise, it will be removed.
- If you copy/edit thread content from elsewhere, please show respect by giving credits to its original author.
- Be kind to others and respect their oppinion.
- Behave like you're older than 16 even if you aren't.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: I have recieved a warning, what do I do?
A: Breaking rules generate warnings. Reaching 2 leads to permament account closure.
Reforming and showing healthy attitude is guaranteed to automaticly decrease warning amount.

Thank you for reading forum rules!

We wish you an outstanding stay!
-Rain Cafe Team

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